A Wandering Veronica has left.

I left and arrived.

For the first time in my life, I have felt like a real traveller.
Taking it more than two or three hours to get there and having several stages to reach the final destination has made me feel in a different way, in a manner that I had never felt before.
Some months ago, I started reading the story of Claudio Pelizzeni, and I couldn’t exactly understand the reason why he decided to take a trip of the world without taking planes.
So, two flights and eight hours in a bus later, I can say that, at least for a part, I understood its reason.


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Pre-departure – Veronica goes back to wander.

Una Veronica Vagante is ready to go back to wander.

Extremely happy, super excited, over the moon.
But then I think about it a little better, I step my feet on the ground, and, in spite of the strong will, some anxiety shows up.

Let me explain what my next adventure will be more properly.

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Life in Venice is made of bridges, gondolas, romantic sunsets… but there’s water. And water, and water again. And having lived my whole life among green hills, the lack of nature around me kept growing and growing, forcing me to find a shelter from the hot lagoon.
After some research on the Internet, I discovered the Caves of Oliero, and I took advantage of the trip to make a stop and visit Bassano del Grappa, too.

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Le Ragazze Vaganti | SABRINA – the series

The series Le Ragazze Vaganti is back. This series has the aim of telling the experiences of wandering girls in order to inspire other young women to explore.
Last week Maria Matus was killed at the beginning of her trip around the world. With this tragic event, the hashtag #noviajaba sola (she didn’t travel alone) was born, simbolizing the fact that leaving alone doesn’t mean being it, and that she didn’t travel alone, as well as I don’t and neither do you.
Any of us could have been Maria, but the solution certainly isn’t staying at homa and so isn’t giving up on your dreams and your freedom.


My name is Sabrina, I’m 29 years old and a digital nomad. I left Italy in 2009 when I attended university in Paris. Once graduated, I left for a year of van life in Australia and for some months wandering around South-east Asia. I tried to go back to Italy, but freelance life in Milan wasn’t for me at all. I’ve been managing my clients remotely since December 2017, working just enough in the Philippines and in Indonesia. My greatest passion is surfing and now I can do it every day!

You can follow me on my website and on Instagram.

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5 days SOLO TREKKING in the Julian Alps | THE JOURNEY

“You live in your own world, but thank you for showing me that everything can work perfectly in other ways, too.”
This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve been told so far, and even I just partially agree, it’s part of what made me take the decision to take this trip.
I put together different trails for a five-days trekking alone in the Julian Alps, in the North-eastern part of Italy, next to the borders with Austria and Slovenia.

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Summer is synonym to many other words.
Sun, outdoor activities, beach, sea, holiday, party, ice-cream,
but mainly music.

Among the goals I want to accomplish before turning 30, there is to take part in a music festival.
I have always thought of them as a great chance to enjoy yourself while listening to some great music, making new friends, and discovering new places.
Festivals are, indeed, the perfect opportunity to discover a new country.
And most of them are hosted in natural parks and off-the-beaten paths.

Are you curious to read what are the 10 festivals I choose for you?

These are my ultimate destinations to European music festivals for the upcoming summer:

  1. Bilbao BBK live (Spain): their line-up is quite impressive, with Florence and the Machine on the very beginning, and other amazing artists such as The XX, The Chemical Brothers, and many others.
    The BBK live is set in the outskirt of the city of Bilbao, on the green area of mount Kobeta (Kobetamendi in the local language, Euskera).
    Did you know that its logo are two mountains?



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#wheninEdinburgh | top 5 parks to see

In November, I took my first trip ever to the United Kingdom.
Of course, I had some expectations and had created some ideas about how the country looked like.
However, as soon as I reached the city of Edinburgh, my destination, I knew I was wrong.

One of the biggest and wrongest stereotypes when thinking about a British city is that they are grey.
Grey, sad, and rainy.

When in Edinburgh, I walked through the whole city, and discovered incredibly beautiful green spots.

In this post, I want to share with you this almost unknown aspect of the Scottish capital.

Are you ready to take note of the five of them?


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BARCELONA – everything happens for a reason | 3 days

Every time I catch a bus, a train, a plane or even just put on my shoes,
that’s when I start my adventure.

And you know, adventure are made of a small quantity of planning, and a lot of changes;
many many photos, some new food, and new stories to tell.
I did it in Elche last summer, as I have been doing for all my life.

But this time, in Barcelona, I realized that every city I go to
actually means something more to me.
Something that is not related to a monument nor a person.
You know when you get back to your room and you are so tired that your mind goes wherever it wants?
Well, that is the moment when I think I have the greatest connection to myself.
I simply feel what I feel, I don’t have any restriction nor obligation,
and I usually am capable of using that moment to reflect.

In Barcelona, I came with the conclusion that everything happens for a reason.

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Le Ragazze Vaganti | Sara P – la serie

E dopo Soňa e Sara B, oggi è il turno di un’altra Sara, conosciuta anche Almudena o Dimitra…

Sara, 23, Italia.
Studentessa triennale di Mediazione Linguistica Interculturale.
Da settembre 2013 a settembre 2014 ho fatto l’au pair a Madrid, da giugno a settembre 2015 ho ripetuto l’esperienza a Murcia, da settembre 2015 a giugno 2016 ho fatto un Erasmus+ a Cordoba (Spagna), da giugno a settembre 2016 ho fatto per la terza volta la ragazza alla pari a Pamplona, da febbraio a settembre 2017 ho preso parte a un Overseas a Cordoba (Argentina), e attualmente lavoro all’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Atene con la borsa di studio Erasmus Placement.
Mi piacciono l’arte, la marmellata di fichi e i cappellacci.
Non mi piacciono i semini dei pomodori, i delfini e le persone carismatiche.
Potete seguirmi nei miei viaggi su instagram.

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#WheninEdinburgh | 15 things to do

WHEN IN EDINBURGH, you will realize you should have gone there way sooner.
The light, the city, nature, the castles… I felt as if I was living another (beautiful) life.

In Edinburgh, everything was so intense and so unique, that it’s impossible not to enjoy it!

It was quite a short trip, but we managed to check all the things out of the list we made before the departure.

I shared this trip with a very good friend of mine, and we had the chance to celebrate 15 years of friendship – quite an achievement, isn’t it?

While I was gathering information about Edinburgh, I made the mistake to think that there wasn’t much to do in the city.
I couldn’t be more wrong!


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