Couple walking on a tree in Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain

The 7 best parks to visit in Madrid | Spain

During my almost two years in Madrid, I had the opportunity to visit the city as a tourist but also as a local.
Whenever I had the chance to, I loved to take the metro or walk to explore its parks.
I know that during the summer the city can get extremely warm, and parks are a great place to seek for heat relief while continuing to visit the city.

Here below you can find my top 7 favorite parks that I think you would love and should add to your travel list!

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5 green ideas to visit Northern Italy

As we all know, Italy is one of the best countries to visit. Its food, its culture and its UNESCO sites will make your travel list a pretty long one.
If you are a nature lover, however, you might not be aware of some of the best spots to visit the North-Eastern part. Most of them are, in fact, only known to locals or to those who have already visited them.

Let me share with you my favorite five spots, hoping they will inspire you to bring comfortable shoes in your luggage and will make you live a unique experience in Italy.

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5 things that can help you with your Reverse Culture Shock

This weird phenomenon sounded like some sort of metropolitan myth, until it actually happened to me.
And I honestly don’t exactly know why I’m using the past tense here – I’ve been back in Italy for almost three weeks and I’m still in the process of realising it.

Reverse cultural shock

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Verona | being home and setting boundaries

This first week back in Italy and in my hometown has been incredibly confusing and challenging.

Living abroad is really hard, too, but I couldn’t have ever imagined that coming back would have been on the same, if not worse, level.

After two years abroad and two more living in another city, I knew that this (temporary) transition into my parents’ house wouldn’t be an easy one since the very beginning.

I have found myself crying countless times by now.
The other day I woke up all lost as I really wished I could be back with my Madrid toilet. Yes, I’m that lost.


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Come imparare una nuova lingua – consigli per studiarla facilmente

La mia prima esperienza all’estero era stata mossa dalla volontà di approfondire le mie conoscenze di spagnolo. Quando, tre anni più tardi, ho preso un biglietto di sola andata verso il Portogallo, di portoghese non ne sapevo molto.

Avevo alle spalle gli anni di liceo linguistico e varie nozioni di linguistica all’università. Qualche mese dopo, mi sorprendevo a capire tutto quello che i miei colleghi dicevano tra di loro e molto spesso, ne prendevo pure parte.

Su instagram ho lanciato una routine giornaliera di 15 giorni su come imparare una nuova lingua: il francese.

Qui sotto ti lascio alcuni consigli e suggerimenti che puoi usare per cimentarti anche tu e allenare la tua mente!


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Vivere in una città non è mai come visitarla.

Ero stata a Lisbona nel 2016, mi aveva affascinata, ma sapevo che passarci 5 giorni non era come viverci per un periodo.

Alle Azzorre ormai era bassa stagione, e dopo aver meditato sul fatto che era arrivato il momento per me di cambiare, ho comprato un biglietto per la capitale portoghese. Per la settimana successiva.

Avevo esattamente una settimana per trovare dove stare.




It was four weeks ago when I announced that I would have left, and my departure date was just a week later.
I had already said that the plans were not clear and that I would have decided on the go, after three weeks, what I would have done afterwards.
Now that those weeks have passed, I ticked off days from the calendar and I blew my twentyone candles here.
Right in the last post, I told you about how I spent most of my time among chats and the several people who have come and gone here at the Banana Eco Camp, and I thought I might share part of the adventure here. I really hope it will help me remember my experience in the future.



Life at the camp is made of a continuous back and forth of people.
People who travel alone, couples, families,
at the beginning of their trip, in the middle or at the end, exhausted from the weeks of pure adrenaline.
People from all over the world, with every kind of story and luggage.
People so different from one another but that later gather all around the same bonfire and eat at the same table.

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Le Ragazze Vaganti | ELEONORA – la serie

E direttamente dalle Azzorre, una nuova storia di ragazze che vagano per il mondo.
La protagonista di oggi è Eleonora, che molti conosceranno come l’autrice di Pain de Route:
Eleonora, 24 anni, italiana dalle misteriose sembianze uzbeche (nessuno ha ancora capito perché).
Mi sto laureando in linguistica teorica e applicata, ho due Erasmus alle spalle, tonnellate di esperienze casuali in ambiti completamente sconnessi e un’inguaribile entusiasmo per tutto quello che si trova più a Est dell’Italia – meglio ancora se postsovietico e tutto da scoprire.
Adoro il tè, cantare con gli amici intorno ai falò, il brivido di una notte in tenda o di un autostop improvvisato.
Non mi piace il rosa, l’umidità, il caffè.
Potete leggere le mie avventure nel mio blog, Pain de Route.

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