Life in Venice is made of bridges, gondolas, romantic sunsets… but there’s water. And water, and water again. And having lived my whole life among green hills, the lack of nature around me kept growing and growing, forcing me to find a shelter from the hot lagoon.
After some research on the Internet, I discovered the Caves of Oliero, and I took advantage of the trip to make a stop and visit Bassano del Grappa, too.

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5 days SOLO TREKKING in the Julian Alps | THE JOURNEY

“You live in your own world, but thank you for showing me that everything can work perfectly in other ways, too.”
This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve been told so far, and even I just partially agree, it’s part of what made me take the decision to take this trip.
I put together different trails for a five-days trekking alone in the Julian Alps, in the North-eastern part of Italy, next to the borders with Austria and Slovenia.

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VERONA – 10 places to fall in love with

Italy is a country full of history and art, but at times the traditional lifestyle can become too old and restricted for the younger generation.

And that is what happened to me. I needed to go abroad, to have an experience that could open my eyes and let me see better the reality I was living in.

I spent an entire summer working in Spain, and when I came back, I realized how fascinating the city I grew up in was.

So, let me show you some of the reasons why Verona, a city in Northern Italy, is worth a trip to!

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LE RAGAZZE VAGANTI- the series |Soňa

It all starts with a question.

What does inspire you?

In a world in which we have access to tons of information and many other opportunities, we are still looking for inspiration.
Inspiration about what to wear, inspiration about where to go, but, above all, inspiration about how to be.

We let decisions pass us by,
till the moment when we suddenly know.

Knowing what you want in life doesn’t happen overnight, it’s not a rational choice, and it hits you right in the stomach.
This series is dedicated to us,
to us, that don’t know in which direction our train is going,
and to us that we only care about wandering.

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TORCELLO – #isoledivenezia

Ho rimandato questo post per varie settimane, per mancanza di tempo (maledetti esami!) e per non essere riuscita a trovare un modo di scriverlo che lo facesse sentire mio.
Poi ho pensato a Torcello e al fatto che appena messo piede giù del vaporetto, ho realizzato cosa volesse dire “un’isola di pace”.
Anche se in fondo originale non è, questa è la mia Torcello.

torcello map


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VERONA – 10 posti per farti innamorare

Prima di partire per la Spagna e vivere un periodo all’estero, vedevo la città in cui sono nata e cresciuta solamente come un posto opprimente, dalle opportunità limitate e senza possibilità di futuro.
Verona è una città piccola, ma una volta tornata mi sono resa conto di quanto sia affascinante, e di come la mia opinione fosse, più che altro, il desiderio di vedere altre realtà.
E in un paio di mesi, ho imparato ad osservare meglio e ad apprezzare di più.

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