Le Ragazze Vaganti | SABRINA – the series

The series Le Ragazze Vaganti is back. This series has the aim of telling the experiences of wandering girls in order to inspire other young women to explore.
Last week Maria Matus was killed at the beginning of her trip around the world. With this tragic event, the hashtag #noviajaba sola (she didn’t travel alone) was born, simbolizing the fact that leaving alone doesn’t mean being it, and that she didn’t travel alone, as well as I don’t and neither do you.
Any of us could have been Maria, but the solution certainly isn’t staying at homa and so isn’t giving up on your dreams and your freedom.


My name is Sabrina, I’m 29 years old and a digital nomad. I left Italy in 2009 when I attended university in Paris. Once graduated, I left for a year of van life in Australia and for some months wandering around South-east Asia. I tried to go back to Italy, but freelance life in Milan wasn’t for me at all. I’ve been managing my clients remotely since December 2017, working just enough in the Philippines and in Indonesia. My greatest passion is surfing and now I can do it every day!

You can follow me on my website and on Instagram.

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